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The Latest From Greg Abbott’s Tin Foil Hat

tinfoil (2)Most people believe the ten-gallon hat is de rigueur for Texans, but Greg Abbott relies on his trusty tin foil hat.

When he signed the open carry law into effect at Red’s Indoor Range, he said “Texans can be sure their second amendment rights will be stronger and more secure than ever before.”

Abbott’s lack of due diligence to the new Texas open carry law, resulted in visitors being permitted to carry weapons in state run psychiatric hospitals. Not satisfied with screwing up open carry limits, he believes we should trust him to tinker around with the constitution.

Remember Jade Helm?

Back in July, during a United States military training exercise in central Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott asked the Texas State Guard to keep an eye on the exercise to ensure Texans’ “safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed.”

Abbott’s tin foil hat must have been malfunctioning that day, as the feds didn’t round up Texans and deport them to Walmart.

Abbott should adjust his tin foil hat and channel James Madison for clarification about that annoying little phrase he wrote in the bill of rights. You know— the one about bearing arms. Did Madison mean only people in the militia? Or, could people in general haul their musket down to the local tavern?

One has to wonder if Abbott and his tin foil hat might not be due a time out in one of our state run mental facilities.

Our system isn’t perfect, but it offers some protection from those who govern wearing tin foil hats. Without the feds who will save us from the overreach of Abbott and his breed in Texas?