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Body Parts Stage Revolt

Each passing year my body parts stage a revolt. This happens like clockwork after each birthday.

Every year shortly before my birthday, my assorted body parts have a planning meeting to determine who is staging the annual revolt.

It goes something like this:

Chin: I am not budging another inch. I gave birth to twins four years ago. Count me out.

Neck: I have to hide from November through the end of December every year or risk being mistaken for a featherless turkey. I’m applying for the witness protection program.

Boobs: We’re not participating. There’s a shortage of wire and the lingerie sales clerk at Macy’s runs when she sees us coming.

Upper arms: We are tired from all that flapping in the breeze. She’s started to lift weights and we hurt. We’re claiming a medical exemption.

Abdomen: I retired after the birth of the third child. Take me out of the loop.

Butt:┬áDon’t look at me. I slid halfway to her knees two years ago.

Thighs: Well I’m not leaving the house wearing all this cottage cheese.

Hair: Damn, It’s my turn. I can make life interesting for her.

Sure enough, the day after my recent birthday, my hair turned on me.

I don’t mind having white hair and I suppose I should be relieved I’m not bald, but I have curls!

I could do without the curls. I’m not a curls type of woman. Curls are not becoming on women of a certain age.

I purchased hair products Justin Bieber would kill to own. None of them solved my dilemma. In desperation, I went to my hairstylist who threw up her hands and informed me I’d just have to go with it.

My coiffure resembles a chrysanthemum.

I look like Mrs. Santa Claus in drag. I already had her shape.

I’ll bet my ears are just hanging around growing and growing and waiting for next year.

  1. Oh, my! I have tears in my eyes at this post!!! Thank you for the (dang it’s sad) truth in an amazingly funny way!

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