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Congress Playing Chicken with Women’s Health

Never in the history of our country has congress devoted  their attention to women. Under the guise of protecting women’s health, which in reality is a ploy to limit reproductive rights; they are willing to play chicken with a government shutdown.

Wow. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Climate change dangers are on our doorstep. We are good to go to consume unlabeled genetically modified food. Unauthorized drones threaten air travel and congress is burning up daylight to protect women.

If their intent is to protect life, here’s a shocker. In terms of reproductive issues, there is the ethical dilemma of unused embryos. Across the country a staggering amount of unused embryos rest in liquid nitrogen. There isn’t a single medical ethicist among the lot in congress to sort out this mess. Aside from the absence of intelligent life among the lawmakers, one can’t help but wonder if there is an incentive that supports ignoring this situation. The very thought of Mike Huckabee, John Cornyn or Ted Cruz proposing legislation for this situation is beyond scary.

Mike Huckabee, supports defunding Planned Parenthood but avoided answering if he’d shut down the government. He’d consider using federal troops and the FBI to stop women from having abortions. Huckabee, is a relic that harkens back to the Comstock days.

Sayeth John Cornyn, “In my state, there are eight times as many community health centers as there are Planned Parenthood facilities. I have every confidence they can absorb the legitimate health care needs of women for purposes that we all agree on, the primary health care.” The devil is in the details. The operative phrases are “legitimate health care needs” and “purposes that we all agree on”. Proof positive congress is hard at work taking care of women, if you read the small print. Cornyn failed to mention Planned Parenthood has been legislated out of existence in many communities in Texas.

Texas teabilly Ted Cruz has been campaigning for the presidency ever since being elected to the senate. His absence from congress is a gift except every time he hears the word “uterus” he races back to Washington to impress his following of crazies.

Six years of the current congress protecting women is enough. We’ll be lucky to retain our right to vote before the last of these troglodytes leave office.