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Congressional Members

The movie “Waiting to Exhale”, is a primer for women hoodwinked by their spouse. Huma Weiner should watch it twice, fumigate her house, throw away all battery-operated devices and file for divorce. Supporting her spouse in his ill-conceived attempt at damage control was a disappointment. She chose to join a select group of officials who believe their self-absorbed status absolves them of decent behavior.

What possible rationale could she offer? Anthony Weiner (there is irony in that surname) is not a physically attractive man. Could it be he is so seriously flawed he believed exposing himself would compensate for his lack of appeal? When he sees his reflection in the mirror, is he too obtuse to note the phallus like resemblance? He should have sent a photo of himself. The recipient would “get it” and he’d have stayed out of hot water.

Maybe Weiner isn’t the only congressional member broadcasting body parts. Did he have reason to believe it would be okay? He apparently had no reservations about sending his johnson in a text mail. One has to wonder who else is sexting and thus far escaped being exposed. Is there a sect in congress who believe they are exempt from the consequences of sexual peccadillos?

Let’s go with the premise Weiner believed lewd behavior is acceptable among his group of peers and he just wanted to be one of the boys. Roughly eighty percent of congress is male. If legislation is contingent on the practice of “mine’s bigger”; and I’m not talking brain, there is little hope for resolution of the budget sequester.

Anthony and Huma need to ride off into obscurity and take their fifty shades of Weiner with them.

  1. Neither Anthony nor Huma are smart enough to deal with reality.
    Their poor child will get to read about his parents one day.

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