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Governor Bubba Update

 Local media coverage regarding the sonogram bill Rick Perry supported has been thin. The bill passed the senate and expected to clear the house. Considering this bill as priority legislation is beyond stupid.

Said the bill’s author, Republican state Rep. Sid Miller “We want to make sure that they’re fully informed, that they understand the medical consequences, the psychological consequences and everything involved in the procedure”.
News flash, Sid. Women understood the consequences of this procedure eons ago. Texas women need to be scared as hell that we have Governor Bubba and Representative Sid Miller looking out for our welfare. They obviously believe we are as dim as they are.

One positive outcome could possibly be that men who are pondering vasectomies might consider the possibility of producing a little Ricky or Sid a good reason to have the procedure.

A bill establishing a statewide ban on smoking in work settings and most indoor public places did not win the support of the majority required to advance to the full senate. Opponents say its passage, would be costly for businesses such as pool and bingo halls, where patrons like to drink beer and smoke. There was no mention of requiring pool hall patrons to watch a video on lung cancer, or the effect of second hand smoke.

The shocker comment regarding the smoking ban legislation was it would mean too much government interference in Texans lives. Interpret that to mean “men’s lives.” The state government has no problem interfering in a woman’s life.

Our Gov approves of toting guns to school. He carries a pistol when he jogs. (Maybe he is afraid he will encounter an enraged female.) He also believes Juarez, Mexico is a city in the United States.

Perry is so ego driven, he tweeted a photo op with the President’s dog Bo. Frankly, I am disappointed in Bo’s lack of taste.

Legend has it that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Perry tweets and promotes unnecessary legislation, while Texas faces major issues. A bust of Nero suggests the Gov has a similar hair thing going on.

We had better watch out if he learns to fiddle.