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Larry, Moe and Curly – Alive and Well in Texas

Governor Perry stated that he believes prayer is an effective means of gun control and abstinence is an effective means of birth control. Where is the logic here? His firebrand rhetoric is so absent from reality he sounds like a scientologist on crack.

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst proposes training teachers to use guns to protect classrooms. Is it wise to arm teachers after supporting legislation that created unprecedented cuts to schools?

Our attorney general is running ads in New York urging gun owners to move to Texas.

These three clowns share more than the same hair stylist. Their swaggering bravado confirms that Texas holds the record as States led by the seriously delusional.

One state legislator has proposed impeachment proceedings against President Obama for gun control issues. Another wants to ban federal gun ban laws. The last session of the Legislature decriminalized catfish noodling and made it legal to shoot feral hogs from helicopters. I guess if you can catch a catfish with your bare hands, you deserve an assault rifle to shoot a pig from a helicopter.

There has been a steady decline in the condition of state parks over the past few years. Texas may have to close twenty of its ninety-five state parks due to lack of funds to maintain them. Texas boasts 625,000 acres of forests, prairies, mountains, deserts and beaches.

Texas ranks near the bottom in the US in high school graduation rates.
Texas is right up there with Mississippi as both states have a high percentage of hourly workers at or below minimum wage.
Texas has one of the highest rates of residents without health insurance, an estimated twenty-six percent.
The Texas Legislature thwarted Planned Parenthood’s ability to participate in the state’s revamped Women’s Health Program.

The Gov said he expects more anti-abortion laws during the 83rd, 2013 legislative session. Does this mean he has doubts about abstinence as birth control? Prayer and more anti abortion laws? Teachers packing heat? Relocating gun totin’ New Yorkers?

Really? Is that all ya got guys?