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Mary Margaret and the Bathroom Bills

Mary Margaret shares a few thoughts about birth certificates and the bathroom bills.




The Republicans require treatment of some kind. You’d have to go back to the Puritans in the 1600’s to find a more uptight bunch of people.

The sum total of their agenda for the last eight years focused on female bodily functions.They vilify government interference, but pass intrusive legislation concerning the most intimate part of women’s lives.

They’re as bad as a bunch of country Baptist pious hypocrites who say one thing in public and so something else in private.

Not content to hijack my uterus derail women’s health care, they’ve moved on to marginalize transgender people.

Under the pretext of protecting women from sexual predators, some states have passed “bathroom bills” requiring people to use the facility that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate.

Public restrooms have been hotter than an online escort service for some male members of the senate. Are they afraid a female who has transitioned will use the men’s restrooms?

Women’s restrooms have stalls with doors and locks. Women do not need protection in the bathroom.

Picture this. Fifty women are waiting in the restroom line during intermission at a public event. Many have consumed several adult beverages. Some enforcement yahoo holds up the line asking for birth certificates.

Who do you think is going to require protection now?

Will someone who doesn’t look like his or her birth certificate gender be ticketed or hauled off to jail?

If the Republicans are serious about protecting women, they should start with the boardroom and not the bathroom.

Pass legislation to end the gender pay gap.

Call bathroom protection legislation what it is, discrimination; but don’t call it protecting women.


PS: Wish I’d Said It