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Mary Margaret – Religious Freedom and Sister Wives

My friend, Mary Margaret suffers from insomnia. She accepts sleeplessness as a gift that provides an opportunity to multitask and increase her social and political awareness. Last evening’s venture found her researching religious freedom on her ipad , viewing Sister Wives on the telly, accompanied by many servings of her favorite handmade vodka.

Her early morning email offered these unabridged, unedited observations:

I don’t understand the logic of some asshole bigot extremist proposing legislation that would permit a business owner to deny service based on his/her religious freedom. Let me tell you something. If that heathen jackass husband on Sister Wives drove up to a McDonalds with seventeen children, the owner of the franchise would praise the lord kiss his cash register and forget about religion.

You don’t hear about anyone refusing service to that group of people. Their lifestyle is illegal and yet they have parlayed it into a television series. I admit I do not understand the concept of plural marriage.   I’ll be damned if I would watch my husband wander off for a spiritual union with some woman. He’d be looking for his privates spiritual body part in the garbage disposal.

I guess it depends on which group of people the legislation is targeting. I watched Sister Wives  and it is creepy. This is a crime against a bunch of dumb women, parading as a religion without the burkas. I’ll bet you’d be hard-pressed to find a real estate agent, supermarket, car dealerships or gynecologist that refuses to do business with them.

Call me old fashioned, but women who live like that are ho’s, sluts, kept women. What was his legal wife thinking? She must be nuts or have low self esteem. Only a spineless bimbo loser wimp of a woman would become involved in a set up like that.

The husband isn’t good looking; his haircut is a petty crime and he isn’t the least bit charming or interesting. Maybe he has hidden assets large manhood unusual talents. All of the women work, money can’t be an attraction.

Only a man would come up with that lifestyle. He has fathered seventeen children. Think of it, seventeen of them. It’s a wonder he can walk, get up in the morning. He claims the other wives are spiritual unions. What a load of crap different twist on an age old problem. Men have been coming up with unique ways to wander off the reservation since God was a boy.

I think these people live in Nevada. The legal wife, should get a quickie divorce; stash some cash, and beat feet to Texas. She looks like Christopher Walken’s scary twin female counterpart, but a quick trip to Neiman Marcus and cosmetic dentistry to correct horsey teeth overbite and she would be a babe.

She’d like it here. Texans don’t deny service to anyone based on religious freedom, if you discount women’s health services.


My head hurts; I’m taking an aspirin and going to bed.

Your friend, Mary Margaret

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