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Older People and the Potty Police

Mary Margaret on older people and the potty police—
joann williams

mary margaret

This entire issue needs to go away or there is going to be a uuuuuuuge uprising from older people about the potty police.

Texas elected officials are pissed off about potties.  Half the world believes  Texans  are backwoods hillbillies. Our elected officials do little to dispel the notion.  Just goes to show some people should not be allowed to procreate.

I am sick of hearing politicians rant about the potty.  Since when did a trip to a public bathroom become a political platform? Last year it was the gun nuts, gay marriage, and reproductive issues. This year it is the potty.

Most women I know aren’t concerned about safety in public restrooms. Hell, we’re just happy to have a place to go given potty parity.

As usual, our wing nuts in Texas have not put a lot of research into their pandering. They have not considered our aging population, or maybe they  believe most don’t leave the house without wearing Depends.

As time marches on some older people  develop an androgynous  appearance. Gender identification can be fuzzy.

I saw someone’s dear little granny  (I believe she was a granny) whose gender was not clear. Like some older, dare I say, elderly women, I imagine her give-a-damn is busted and hairstyle is the last thing on her mind. Her short closed crop hairdo did not reveal obvious gender identification.  Her tee shirt indicated the twins either slid south or left the building.

You never know how older people are going to react. Some of them may be packing heat. I wouldn’t want to question a little old lady who’d been standing in line a long time to go to the potty.

Later at the mall, I observed an older gray haired individual with long curly hair. I assumed he was male or was he?  There was no telltale facial hair. Perky boobs, belted waist, and big hips squeezed in the ugliest pair of slacks I ever saw forced me to conclude he was male.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the curly haired man with boobs launched a haymaker on a potty monitor.

As usual, our elected officials have come up with a solution where there is no problem——–yet.

Just sayin’