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Perry’s Prep for Mug Shot


Ricky realized he had some ‘splaining to do, and manned up for his mug shot.

His staff burned up daylight doing the prep for this event. His political clout had to count for something in order for him to line up Crowds on Demand on short notice. He probably has them on speed dial.

You know it had to cost a bundle for a custom design crowd to show up on short notice. An open casting call for white folks clutching bibles comes at a hefty price and the additional surcharge for women who dress like sister-wives is exorbitant. The local news did not pan the highly audible “supporters”, so maybe Ricky cut a deal. He has a lot of experience in that area.

Then there was overtime for his stylist. Eye glasses do not photograph well in a mug shot. Finding a makeup artist to hide what the glasses usually hide is not cheap.

Governor Good Hair’s good hair was front and center and did not budge nary an inch during his breezy outdoor press conference. Footwear was off camera, but we can surmise he wasn’t wearing boots. After having stepped in it again, he retired the boots.

Wonder if the gov will cite this peccadillo as another plus for his job creation record?

The charges are serious and if convicted come with a potential hefty prison sentence.

If convicted, there is an upside. He can spend the remainder of his unused campaign funds to make himself comfortable in the slammer. Pimp My Jail Cell is a mouse click away.

  1. Just finished a “slew” of “commentaries” that have been neglected in the August doings and have singularly voted that the latest Perry commentary is a gem. The one beginning with ….slew of ‘splain to do…

    Also like where the “safety pin” episode could go..Oh, and I got through on Amazon and latest book is somewhere between my computer and my Kindle/IPad. Got to now figure that out.Phew!

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