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Protecting Men’s Health

Congress has obsessed over women’s health  for the past eight years. Their failure to address men’s health issues is appalling.

Not one single congressional representative has taken the initiative to protect the health and welfare of men. So far, the attention in congress has focused on women’s health issues. Keeping men safe is just as important. Isn’t it curious that men aren’t protesting this inequity?

Even pro-lifers might agree that “life” actually begins with men. Without their contribution, nothing is going to take place in the uterus. Don’t men deserve the same reproductive rights that women enjoy?

I believe a logical first step is to ensure the male contribution is worthy of propagation. Before turning those little swimmers loose, check ’em out. A sonogram could determine those that are fit for travel. We all know a sonogram isn’t that big a deal, right? I’ll bet Carly Fiorina would be willing to make a public service video.

What if the swimmers prove too defective to travel?   virus-312663_1280

This is where the life issue gets murky. We are talking about potential personhood. A man and his doctor aren’t the best qualified to determine the appropriate course of action in this situation.

Who would decide if a vasectomy was in order?

Where would the procedure take place?

Where would poor and uninsured men seek treatment?

There is nothing to protect men from rape/incest accusations. The obvious answer is a microchip. Yes siree, plant that device you know where and baby daddy can’t hide.

I am surprised Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee hasn’t been all over this.

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