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Rhett Butler is Rick Perry’s Role Model

Rick Perry is so determined to protect women he devoted a special legislative session for their benefit.

If these bills pass, it’s back to the turnip patch for women. Under the pretext of protection and a higher calling, Perry has effectively negated women’s reproductive rights. Frankly my dears, he doesn’t give a damn.

Some time ago Perry accredited the film The Gift of Life for framing his views on right to life.

Now I get it; the movies are his handbook for governing. He is channeling Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

It makes perfect sense if you consider the similarities. Rick has Rhett hair.

Rhett presented himself as a gentleman to the women folk, but Belle Whatley knew better. Rick Perry believes he has to protect women because we are too ignorant to make informed decisions.

Rhett headed up a blockade running operation on the QT. Perry’s equivalent to a blockade operation is obvious. He  has no reservations when it comes to vetoing ethics legislation to weed out unsavory practices that benefit his appointees.

Scarlett O’Hara’s bad traits, her manipulativeness, deceitfulness and shrewdness were the basis for her survival. These are traits our legislators possess in abundance. In order to combat their actions, we need a female counterpart. It is time to forsake the high moral ground in order to gain a voice in Texas. We need a Scarlett O’Hara for governor.

After overhearing the conversation of a couple of female octogenarians in the locker room at the gym I am optimistic we can find female leaders with a revolutionary turn. I won’t write exactly what they said they’d like to do to the Gov and his buddies, but it involved a potentially felonious action.

These women remember life as it was lived under the guise of male protectors. They don’t want to go there again. We may have found our Scarlett.


  1. I am not excited about gnawing turnips or wearing drapes. Can that be next?

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