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St Patrick’s Day Escape

Time for escape; it’s St Patrick’s Day and we could use a break.

St. Patrick a fifth-century Christian missionary to Ireland and its patron saint, according to legend drove the snakes into the ocean.

At that time, there were no snakes in Ireland. The more likely story is, “snakes” was code for pagan priests who were driven out of Ireland.

Politico fact check wasn’t around so there was no source to repudiate the tale.

Today, who really cares. It’s an occasion for kissing folks, drinking beer and eating a huge plate of corned beef.

For those contemplating relocating to the Emerald Isle if a certain phenomenon becomes our leader, remember; “better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t).”


The Phenomenon

Today we have to look no further than a certain orange-haired troll some describe as a phenomenon.

According to the Thesaurus other words for phenomenon are:

  • freak accident
  • natural disaster
  • unavoidable casualty
  • inevitable accident

The point to this little tale is when a story or theory is advanced often enough, people stop questioning its validity. So just keep believing St Patrick Drove the snakes from Ireland.

It’s no worse than some of the other blarney that’s floating around the politicosphere.

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