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Ted Cruz and His Lemmings

Contrary to myth, lemmings don’t jump off cliffs to commit suicide. Their deaths occur when they venture into unfamiliar territory such as the edge of a cliff.

The urban dictionary defines a lemming as “a member of a crowd, with no originality or voice of his own.” Observing Ted work the room during his recent campaign in Iowa, lemmings came to mind.

He vows, if elected to:

Repeal the affordable health care act – day one

Eliminate the IRS

“Spend whatever political capital is necessary” to appoint the most reliably conservative justices he could find

And, when his wife becomes the first lady, french fries are coming back to school cafeterias

He has spent his entire term in the senate, campaigning for the presidency. He has few friends in the senate. He hates executive orders, so how would he go about enacting change?

If elected president, would he show up for work every day or focus on his next big thing?

Cruz IS the edge of the cliff. His lemmings followers might want to ask him to explain “political capital” before they take that kind of plunge.