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Texas Open Carry Nuts

I’m not supposed to say this, but I believe Texas open carry proponents are proof positive the state needs to do more about caring for people with mental health issues. Some people may have a legitimate business reason to carry a weapon, but most of the ammo nuts do not fall into that category.Gun Nut

When the new gun law goes into effect in 2016 a trip to the mall will present challenges. People who insist on packing heat while shopping are more interested in making a statement than making a purchase.

What will a  gunslinger wear to the mall? Louis Vuitton and Armani offer shoulder holsters for the well heeled. Budget minded shoppers who are more familiar with the blue light special shopping experience can buy one online from Amazon for $10.60.

Imagine driving into the underground parking garage of a giant shopping mall and find yourself in the midst of folks totin’ guns.

  • Will retail associates start wearing flak vests?
  • What’s a personal shopper to do when confronting a difficult client who is a pistol-packing mama?
  • Will there be signs on the dressing room doors asking customers to remove firepower before trying on the St. John Knits?
  • Will folks hauling a Smith and Wesson get a table faster at Maggiano’s?
  • Will those who work in the Baccarat crystal department receive combat pay?

The paranoia of people who rant about their 2nd amendment rights and are too afraid to leave their house without a gun need therapy, just not the retail kind.