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That Special Place in Hell

Madeline Albright said, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support each other.”

It would be sexist to blame a run amok male conservative congress for demoting women’s issues to the dark ages.

They could not have done this without female front women supporting their regressive policies. Sarah Palin bypassed an opportunity to demonstrate solidarity with women when she endorsed Ted Cruz, the antithesis of all things female. She could have supported Fiorina, who is Ted Cruz in a dress, without sacrificing her principles.

Our current president maligned for everything up to and including black lung disease (and the code phrase here is “black”), offers evidence of the far right’s inability to compromise. Given the current trend in government, a woman president will face more of the same and worse.

If the Republican women legislators continue their repressive agenda, they won’t change their loyalties for a woman president. Unfortunately, the worst of the lot will still be in office and a new president will have to deal with them.

For the first time, it looks as though a woman has a chance at becoming President.

If that happens, I hope that certain women in congress re-examine their positions on issues that  negatively impact women.hell-454463_640

It may count toward time served in that “special place in hell” for their past actions.