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When Hell Freezes Over – First Edition

The debate participants wearing blue ties are undercover Democrats.blueties

Texas lawmakers declared the state a gun free zone.

One hundred dollar bills feature Eleanor Roosevelt.

Congress passed a bill prohibiting GMO foods in the US.

States that proximate hell in the summer outlawed daylight savings time.

Reality television ceases mainstream broadcasting and is available only on pay per view.

Republicans shifted their focus from women’s uteri to concentrate on men’s health care.

Donald Trump shaved his head.

Fox News folded due to major credibility issues.

Ken Paxton and Rick Perry begin serving time in a supermax facility.

The Pro-Life movement updates its agenda and emerges as Pro Birth.

Mike Huckabee completes his high school education.

Politicians are restricted from campaigning anywhere except YouTube.

Supermarkets fire baggers who are discourteous to customers who use cloth bags.

Koch Brothers announced they will no longer finance politicans. They are diverting their funds to Planned Parenthood.

Television commercials will appear in their entirety at the beginning of the program.

Automobile manufacturers produce a safe recall free car.

The house of representatives declared Obamacare a winner.

And—–hell just froze over.