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A Woman Governor for Texas

A cerebrally challenged Texas governor and testosterone driven legislators have battered the rights of Texas women for twelve years. By the time election year 2014 arrives women in Texas will be lucky if we still have the right to vote. Gender parity is long overdue. It is time for a woman to lead the state of Texas as governor, supported by women legislators.
A female dominated state government might yield some interesting new legislation such as:
Prior to passing legislation regarding women’s reproductive rights, male legislators would be required to undergo an ultrasound prostate exam. As part of a job training program an inmate of the Texas Prison system would administer the test.
Prudent leaders would never propose tests of this nature without proper research and development. Gov Perry and the 82nd legislature would be required to serve as research subjects.
As part of a special community service program for teenagers Governor Perry would be required to teach abstinence for a term equal to his tenure as governor.
Billboards posted on all major thoroughfares promoting vasectomies would feature a Louie Gohmert look alike as a potential consequence of unprotected sex.
To reinforce current laws that prohibit age and sex bias in the workplace, only menopausal women would have the right to carry assault weapons.
A surcharge on strip clubs would be allocated to replace 73 million in funding from the Perry approved state budget that eliminated health services for disadvantaged women.
Residents from California lured to Texas under false pretenses would be given vouchers to return to their home state.
Texas Tea Party members of the legislature, who slashed funds from family planning clinics, would be required to provide babysitting services.
Texas women outclass men in problem solving abilities. A year is a long time for angry women to make plans………….