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Is This the Beginning of the End of Patriarchy?

Sexual abuse is but one symptom of the greater ill of patriarchy. Owners of the “Y” chromosome, many who are in positions of power, have arrived at a day of reckoning.

Some appear repentant, and state they are seeking treatment for sexual addiction in an attempt to make it go away. These are lame excuses; women don’t forget.

Others dig in, deny, deflect and blame the victim. They have underestimated women. We have decades of experience dealing with male addiction to power. I believe the patriarchy is about to experience female anarchy.

Men historically behaved with a sense of entitlement, beginning with hazing in college and continuing to the way they treat women. Leadership beginning with the current resident of the oval office reflects this belief.

Women continue to work for less pay than men do, because of some Luddite, who controls the power structure where we work.  If we speak out, we are “ball busters” and reap negative consequences for promotion.

Politicians who establish policies to control reproductive rights, under the guise of protecting women, continue to victimize us.

The other ugly truth about this issue is, some of the few women in a position to bring about change, have chosen to remain silent or fall in line with the good old boys. Power brings responsibility. The women we elected to represent us who failed to honor their commitment to stand up for women may find themselves out of a job come election day

I believe it would be a huge mistake to underestimate the frustration and anger women feel under the current leadership and direction this leadership promotes. Women who lived during the sixties are fed up to see the bit of progress we have made regarding women’s rights slip away.

When you add gen X-ers and millennial women to the mix, there is going to be a veritable tsunami of pissed off women who will take their anger to the polls.


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