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Governor Goodhair & The Texas Two Step

 Governor Goodhair authorized spending $2.1 million dollars to relocate an Arkansas health care company headquarters to Plano, Tx.

 Perry spinned the action as an investment, that would create 100 jobs with an average salary of $150,000. I wonder what type of jobs in this economy offer $150,000 average compensation? He failed to mention if the created jobs would be new jobs for Texans. Indications are at least initially 100 positions are relocations.

A quick bit of internet searching indicates Golden Living is owned by private equity firm Fillmore Capital Partners. Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC (“FCP”) is a diversified investment company that engages in the development, management and distribution of private investment vehicles for institutional and select private-client investors.

We are enticing a company owned by a private equity firm who has gross assets that surpass $5 billion USD. Why are we paying them $2.1 million to move to Texas, supposedly to create 100 jobs? Is this simply another form of corporate welfare?

The Gov appears to have developed a proclivity for health related industries, as they relate to profit. Have we forgotten the proposed HPV vaccine mandate, manufactured by Merck, one of Perry’s campaign contributors?

If we are paying corporations to move here, doesn’t it make sense to relocate industries that make stuff? Pushing paper can be accomplished in cyberspace these days. One hundred people making widgets sounds like a bigger bang for our buck to me.

I guess the Gov forgot some of us learned how to read and cipher, even the womenfolk.