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Greg Abbott’s Flip Flop

Greg Abbott has not moved into the governor’s mansion and already flip-flopped.

For those who wanted change; we got it. We are replacing governor good hair with governor two face.The bag-ban be gone-drones have the governor’s ear. He was quick to jump on their on their bandwagon about the plastic ban in DALLAS.

Abbott speaks with forked tongue when it comes to states rights. Campaigning, he bleated relentlessly about Washington’s overreach and imposing its will on states. Seems he’s comfortable with state issued edicts, like preventing women from making decisions concerning their bodies, and prohibiting marriage equality.

Days from taking the oath of office, Abbott wants the state to use its power to override municipal regulations. He trotted out the tired, tea party “C” word for overregulation…..California. It would appear overly regulated Californians are living in the eleventh level of hell, clamoring to move to Texas. Abbott has alluded to regulations that would turn Texas into a Nanny State. Not much doubt as to who he believes should be the nanny.

Abbott indicated cities are restricting freedoms by banning plastic bags and outlawing fracking and preventing tree removal. He believes junk yards for end of life vehicles should not require licensing.

I suppose he would have no objection to the governor’s mansion festooned in plastic bags, and an oil well pumping in the backyard. When things become too difficult he could light up his drinking water for entertainment. And if he got too lonesome, he could go across the street and visit the junk dealer.

He’s gone on record stating support for an open carry law so I assume he would have no problem going about his work day with gun-toting spectators in the capitol gallery.

Couldn’t be more uncomfortable than say a sonogram could it?