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He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules

“He who has the gold makes the rules” is a phrase that I have always found infuriating and unacceptable. The take away is unless you are wealthy; you have zip chance of initiating change. Wealthy corporations and individuals perpetuate this practice making large financial contributions to politicians to influence election outcomes as well as government regulations and policies.

What if you have money and fruit fly mentality? Do you still get to make the rules? What if you have money, influence and a substantial lack of character or moral fiber? Do you still get to make the rules?

Unfortunately, it appears the answer is yes to all of the above. Current events support this theory. During the past election, some employers threatened employee’s jobs if they did not vote in a certain way. It was like asking a condemned prisoner on death row to pick their favorite executioner.

Today, a number of large corporations are cutting employees hours to avoid providing health care benefits and cite healthcare reform as the reason. Blaming the new healthcare law is illusory. For years, it has been my observation that the people who performed the work received the least amount of consideration and were first to be penalized when it was time to tighten the corporate belt. At the same time, executives, whose primary contribution was keeping their golf game polished, received a variety of perks that contributed nothing to the overall objectives of the company. Today these same jerks cite healthcare reform as permission to gouge workers.

The media and internet are exposing retailers and restaurants who are cutting employee hours as a means to avoid providing healthcare.

It’s time for  consumers  to change the game plan, take their gold elsewhere. Maybe then there will be some new rules