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Iowa Freedom Summit and Deflated Balls

This past weekend the New England Patriots had issues over deflated balls. The Iowa Freedom Summit suffered from the same malady. The census count for that issue lowered considerably when Mitt and Jeb decided to sit this one out.

The summit regurgitated the same old boring nominees and Sarah Palin. Palin’s speech was a whirling dervish demonstration of dumbed down, worthy of a Tina Fey parody.

The only person who broke from tradition was Joni Ernst. While I don’t agree with  her views, I do respect her.

She does not have a deflated ball issue, but it would appear her views on reproductive rights align with those who do. But on the other hand, maybe not.

I seriously doubt her ability to relate to women due to her shoe issue. Even grade school girls know  if you only have one good pair of shoes,  never wear them on a rainy day. You’d wear the bad ones and cover them with bread wrappers.

Where the heck did she get the bread wrappers? Don’t farmers bake their own bread? Maybe they were too busy castrating hogs to bake bread that week.

Why did they castrate hogs?

Limited research indicates it is because of boar taint and accidental breeding. It’s a process  livestock owners perform for any animal that is not specifically part of a breeding program.

Boar taint……..accidental breeding…… reproductive rights……..Ah, now we are getting somewhere.

Joni may have lost some of us on the shoe issue, but I’m wondering if she has a new slant on women’s reproductive rights.