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Making America Great Again

Since the 2009 election, conservatives have ranted about how they would make America great again.

Their proposals have a scary familiar tone. For Example:


Attempts to define America’s religion began in the 1600’s. A Puritan nation with Puritan values, promoted constant fear and anxiety. Life as a Puritan kept women in their place, a notch or two below dogs. In some instances, the dogs fared better.

There were those nasty witches. In 1692, the Massachusetts Bay Colony executed fourteen women, five men, and two dogs for witchcraft.

Securing our borders:

Building walls to secure borders is not an original concept.

We screwed over the Native American Indians sending them to reservations.

Then we went to African countries and brought over people who did not want to come.

We denied entry to those who did. In 1939, a ship from Hamburg carrying German Jews sailed to Cuba to wait for visas to enter the United States. Denied entry in Cuba and America, the passengers returned to European countries later invaded by the Nazis. Two Hundred and Fifty Four of the passengers on the ship died in the Holocaust.

We built a wall around internment camps to secure Japanese Americans and German Americans.

The Economy:

The garment industry in the North flourished producing clothes for the Southern slaves. Once freed from making their own clothing, the slaves achieved higher production on the plantation.

On the plantation, female slaves considered breeding stock, saved the owner the cost of purchasing more slaves.

The theory of trickledown economics has always been a snow job. Its real goal is to increase the supply of income for the rich.


Women were making progress in the workplace in 1911. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory gave them an opportunity to work. They worked a twelve hour day for fifteen dollars a week in unsafe conditions.

A factory fire killed one hundred and twenty three women and twenty three men.

Today conservatives speak about removing the strangle hold regulations have on small business.

Women’s Health:

In 1855, condoms were invented but they often did not work. The ability of a woman to get an abortion, let alone one that was safe depended upon her economic situation, her race, and where she lived.

Women with money could often leave the country or find a physician who would perform the procedure for a high fee. Poor women, for the most part, were at the mercy of incompetent practitioners with questionable motives.

While there may not be a rubber shortage today, there are still consequences associated with their use; consequences left primarily to the woman to resolve.

The notion this is where conservatives ideals might take us seems a bit of a stretch, but what if it’s not?