in Mary Margaret

Midterm Elections in Texas

Mary Margaret sent her thoughts about the Texas midterm elections:

I don’t understand what the right wing wackos Tea Party is all about. The original Boston Tea Party formed to protest the tax on tea imposed on the colonist. They had a purpose; this bunch of zealots isn’t in favor of anything.Their concepts regarding women’s rights parrot those practiced in the 1700’s.

The whole issue is scary and probably going to get nasty. Hair seems to be a big issue in this election. Dan Patrick’s dye job color varies from red to ashy green. Gregg Abbott  looks dirty appears to be in need of a shampoo. Now, I may resemble Andy Rooney in drag Mrs. Doubtfire, but I know hair and I’m not voting for anyone who can’t manage hair.

The  Texas Tea Party Republican Women posted a photo. Some of them are just butt ugly in serious need of makeovers. A couple of them had on outfits that should have been burned date back to the 70’s. I won’t mention their hair. They make Sister Wives look like style icons. I’ll bet they bake from scratch too.

To compound Texan’s humiliation, we have Ted Cruz versus Rick Perry to cause more humiliation competing for attention. Perry has been campaigning for President ever since his re-election, which is possibly a good thing as it keeps him out of state.  Cruz swiped a page from Perry’s handbook and is promoting himself as a potential presidential candidate.

The entire situation has the potential to be frightening. I’m not sure hard liquor pinot grigio prayer will be enough to sustain me.  Nova Scotia is looking better to me every day.

Your friend, Mary Margaret.