in Serious

Peace on Earth on the Courthouse Square

Christmas sometimes takes a nasty turn. A particular group sets up a nativity scene emblazoned with “Peace on Earth” on the courthouse square. Another group objects and the onslaught of righteous indignation begins.

Why is it necessary to go through this exercise year after year? This is a losing proposition. It is a tug of war with no winners.

For the record, I believe in separation of church and state, but if one group is granted an exception, why not all? The holiday season encompasses Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Bodhi, Yule and probably some other occasion I haven’t heard about. The community is comprised of people who support all of these beliefs.

Aside from the prospect of a blazingly, unattractive holiday display what’s the worst thing that could happen? The vision would go away in a few weeks and things would simmer down to normal.

Isn’t the commonality of all of these beliefs peace, kindness, love, sharing and brotherhood? Brotherhood always comes up short in commemorating these occasions.

Practicing the spirit of the season is a better demonstration of these ideals than arguing over whose icon is sitting on the courthouse lawn.