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Right-Wing Insanity Brought to You by the Loons in Texas

Due to right-wing insanity brought to you by  loons aka the Texas Legislature, we can rest assured we are safe from them aggravatin’ wimmen and gays. We got guns!

A measure that would forbid state or local governments from using public money to issue same-sex marriage licenses failed. Underscoring  the state of Texas views, the Senate passed a resolution reaffirming the state’s opposition to same-sex marriage.  How’s that for keeping government out of folks business?

A priority item that  sped to Gov. Abbott’s desk was  banning the trade of shark fins in Texas. One legislator noted shearing shark fins for sale as “the worst thing you can do to this animal.” I agree with the person who stated its passage was a professional courtesy.

Texas women rank somewhere below sharks and prisoners. Republicans were successful in ousting Planned Parenthood from the Breast and Cervical Cancer Services program, which provides cancer screenings for uninsured women. Take heart though; the Gov reiterated  Texas will work hard  to follow the federal prison rape law.

Texans may now rest easy secure in the knowledge, folks can haul shootin’ irons in plain sight to Kroger and scare the hell out of the Monday shoppers from the retirement home.

If you are a student or thinking about going back to school, campus carry passed but is restricted to certain areas. One individual (whose I.Q begs the question how did he qualify for college) complained he would have to leave campus and go to the parking lot between classes to fetch his gun several times a day.

Not to worry;  Abbott earmarked forty-million dollars in the state budget to attract major researchers, including Nobel laureates, to our state’s public universities.

Texans rejoice! We can watch the electric meter continue to spin in the 9 PM daylight blazing heat. We can text while driving, with our holstered Smith and Wesson provided we don’t suffocate breathing unsafe air and our levees  don’t weaken and whisk us away in the flood waters.