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Texan of the Year

I pondered who to nominate for the local newspaper’s Texan of the Year. “A Texan (or Texans) who has had uncommon impact, either positive or negative, over the past year.” Several politicians have provided ample material, but I believe hands down, Louie Gohmert had the most negative impact on our image over the past year.Louie

Some people obviously love Louie as he survived the 2014 midterm elections garnering 71% of the vote. He has been a U.S. House member since 2005. Prior to his election to serve in Congress, Louie served three terms as District Judge in Smith County, Texas. During his tenure on the bench, he gained national and international attention for some of his innovative rulings. Later Governor Rick Perry appointed him to complete a term as Chief Justice of the 12th Court of Appeals.

Louie serves on numerous House committees and subcommittees. Due to his extensive knowledge stemming from years in the courtroom, Louie was recently named Vice Chair of the Judiciary subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

No person in the history of Texas, with the exception of Clayton Williams and Rick Perry, has done more to promote a negative perception of Texans.

Louie on grammar: In a reference to then Attorney General Holder, stated Holder cast “aspersions on my asparagus.”

Louie on diversity in the workplace: When asked where he stands on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the legislation that would bar workplace discrimination toward sexual orientation or gender identity: “Who wants to go talking about sexual orientation when they’re working?”

Louie on history: “The Greeks, Well, you know, they did have people come along who they loved that was the same sex and would give them massages before they went into battle.”

Louie has provided a wealth of material for stand up comedians and late night talk show hosts.

Even Stephen Colbert admitted he cannot compete with Louie. “People have said to me, Stephen, you’ve got to understand, you don’t even know your history. You’re dumb. You’re dense. You’re a mental midget with the IQ of a butter dish whose mind is a black hole that sucks all surrounding thought into it in an infinite singularity of sheer stupidity. I’m surprised you can even dress yourself. I bet you have to rub peanut butter inside your lips to remember to open your mouth to breath. I have never met, and I hope to never meet again a man so pervasively, astoundingly unyieldingly ignorant. To which I say, well then, you haven’t met Louie Gohmert.”

It’s not every day a Texan receives this kind of endorsement from a nationally syndicated television personality. Some of us could do without the endorsement.


  1. They say you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but you don’t have to. You just have to fool most of them who bother to vote.

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