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Trump is a Lemon, So Why Can’t We Return Him?





This pretty much describes how I feel every day when I  read the headlines.

By now, most would agree that Trump is a lemon.

There is, or was before the recent ax job, an agency to help consumers who purchased defective products.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a quick, easy way to return Trump to his tower in New York?

If Trump were something we bought on Amazon, we could return him in a flash. I purchased a can opener that did not function properly and in a nanosecond, it was on its way back.

Compared to the can opener Trump is an even worse dud.

My spouse returned a defective thing-a-ma-jig to Home Depot. The thing was so over-rated he was speechless when he discovered it had no capacity to perform the purpose for which it was intended.

Internet service providers can act like they are the only game in town and are notorious for sneaky fees. A subtle reminder that they work for you is usually all it takes for them to correct billing errors.

Most retailers, eager to please consumers, have generous return policies during a certain time period.

If Trump were a defective air-bag there would have been a product recall. The man is a defective wind-bag.  By now it should be clear, even to the most ardent Trump supporter that he lacks the ability to lead.

After eleven months of failed Trump leadership, it is clear that we got a lemon.

Seems to me, the lemon that occupies the white house is long over-due for a defective product recall.

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